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Wednesdays, 6:30 pm, beginning August 15th - FULL

Want to have fun, impress family and friends, and maybe even work toward an AKC title? Then our Cool Dog Beginner Tricks Class is for you!

A certified dog trainer will teach you and your dog some impressive-but-easy-to-learn tricks in a fun, relaxed environment. You’ll have a great time working together, laughing together and perfecting your dog’s cool new skills. By the end of the class, you’ll walk away with some tail-wagging tricks to show off and an even stronger bond with your best friend.

Cool Dog is great for:

  • Dogs who are overly exuberant or excited.
  • Building confidence in nervous or fearful dogs.
  • Dogs who could use some extra mental and physical exercise.
  • Humans who love spending time with their dogs.
  • All ages and skill levels – from puppies to seniors and everything in between.
  • Anyone who’d like to earn an AKC title without all that pressure!

The Cool Dog class runs once a week for six weeks.  

Once you’ve completed the class, you’ll get a Cool Dog Certificate, and you can even test for the AKC Novice Trick Dog (TKN) title if you want. It’s one of the most enjoyable, low-stress titles you and your dog can earn!

Prerequisite: Must be comfortable around other dogs.

Sign up your cool dog and come join the fun!

All About Dogs at the Veterinary Holistic Center, 7950 Woodruff Court, Annandale, VA 22151

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